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Advantages of Pavers Over Concrete: Why You Should Consider Switching

Whether to improve the property value prior to putting the home on the market or to update the appearance of the home and make outdoor spaces more enjoyable, driveway and patio renovations are popular renovations for Central Florida homeowners. If you're in the same boat, you may be wondering if pavers are the right option for your home improvement project.

While many homeowners assume that concrete is the only option, this is far from the truth — and pavers have a number of advantages over concrete that make them worth consideration. Here are just a few reasons why you should opt for pavers from the team at Florida Pavers and Pergolas!

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Why You Should Switch to Pavers

  • 1. Pavers are More Durable

  • 2. Pavers are Virtually Maintenance-Free

  • 3. Custom Pavers are More Versatile

  • 4. Pavers are Aesthetically Pleasing

Added Durability of Pavers

One reason Central Florida homeowners should choose pavers is that pavers are more durable than concrete. Florida, despite being the Sunshine State, sees a lot of rain, and that rain can cause serious damage to your driveway or patio if it's made of concrete. Because pavers lock together, water has no place to pool on the surface of your driveway or patio; instead, it runs through the cracks between each paver, keeping the surface dry and preventing damage to driveway pavers. Plus, with professional installation from the top-rated team at Florida Pavers and Pergolas, the lifespan of your driveway pavers is increased even further.

Pavers Mean Less Maintenance

For homeowners that want to spend more time enjoying their home and outdoor living space and less time maintaining it, pavers are an obvious choice. Pavers are far easier to maintain than concrete, and if part of your driveway or patio becomes damaged due to impact from a heavy object or erosion from Central Florida rainwater, fixing pavers is much easier than repairing concrete; you'll simply need to remove the affected pavers and replace them with new ones. Florida Pavers and Pergolas have helped countless homeowners with this virtually maintenance-free solution, and are happy to help you too.

Unrivaled Versatility

Whereas concrete is typically offered in a drab gray, pavers come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures — so you can find the perfect one to match your home. Pavers of different styles can also be combined to create a one-of-a-kind look, so homeowners can get creative with their outdoor living space or driveway. The versatility of pavers means they are not limited just to driveways or patios! Pool decks, walkways, and countless other outdoor spaces stand to be improved by pavers.

Improve Your Home's Aesthetic with Florida Pavers and Pergolas

Drive through most Central Florida neighborhoods and you'll notice that many driveways are made of concrete. Concrete is often seen as a utilitarian material, and — while it is a definite improvement of the dirt driveways of the past — it does not do much to complement the look of a home. Pavers, on the other hand, stand out without being over the top. The elegance that pavers add to a driveway or pool deck demonstrates advanced attention-to-detail, dramatically improving a home's aesthetic to prospective buyers and neighbors alike.

A Decade of Custom Paver Expertise

Florida Pavers and Pergolas has been serving the Central Florida community for nearly a decade and has provided countless solutions to clients — from replacing broken pavers to taking a landscaping project to the next level. As a top-rated installation team of Florida pavers, Florida Pavers and Pergolas have customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do.

For more information about how custom pavers can improve the aesthetic of your home while reducing maintenance, or learn more about our other services — like custom outdoor kitchens and fire pit installation — give Florida Pavers and Pergolas a call at (407) 502-3431 or complete our contact form for a free estimate on your project today.

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