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Fall is Here - Do You Need a Custom-Built Fire Pit?

The leaves are starting to change and it's beginning to feel like fall. The weather is getting cooler, school has started back up, and there's a slight crispness in the air. It might be time for you to start thinking about purchasing a custom-built fire pit! Custom fire pits can be expensive - but they're worth it if you take care of them right. Florida Pavers & Pergolas will give you tips on how to maintain your new investment so that you'll have many years of enjoyment from your purchase as well as make sure that your family stays safe this winter season.

Stay Warm for the Rest of the Year with an FP&P Fire Pit


Custom Fire Pits - An Investment That Lasts a Lifetime

​​Custom fire pits are a bit of an investment, but they can also be quite pricey. Custom-built fire pits from Florida Pavers & Pergolas have multiple benefits aside from being beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to your yard - they're built to last!

Custom-builds come in different shapes, styles, materials, and designs so that you can find the one that's perfect for your yard. Custom-builds are also built to be long lasting and sturdy - they're made with high-quality materials like aluminum, steel, brick, or stone so you know that when it comes time to replace them in the future (or even if you decide not to), Florida Pavers & Pergolas will be there to help you every step of the way. Custom-builds also have a few different features that make them stand out from other fire pits - for instance, some custom builds come with mesh spark screens or wind guards which prevent any embers from getting too large and escaping your property. Custom-built units are especially great if you have children - they're safer than other types of fire pits. Custom-builds are also made with safety in mind, so you won't have to worry about any hazards throughout the year. Custom-built units will also make your yard look beautiful and well maintained!

Custom Fire Pit Maintenance Tips (Don't Make These Mistakes!)

Invest in a Cover

The next time you go to use your fire pit, protect it from the elements by investing in a cover. This will help save on leaves and rainwater that can accumulate if left uncovered over time as well as deterring any unwanted debris with its waterproof design!

The best way to keep our outdoor spaces clean is keeping them covered when not being used; this includes specially designed covers for fire pits so they stay cleaner longer between uses while also protecting against all kinds of weather conditions like dirt accumulations between Usage

Always Use Good Wood

For the best fire pit experience, make sure to go with a block of seasoned wood. The older and more time it spends burning in your backyard or at home, the cleaner that pit will be!

For an unforgettable evening by utilizing this classic form of entertainment- choose an old wooden log for maximum enjoyment from its flames, as well as less buildup on all sides when compared against newer pieces made out of synthetic materials such, as plastic ones too common nowadays which tend not only burn hotter but also emit toxic fumes during combustion process leading us into unhealthy living environment overall.

Be Careful With Using Water

One of the most common mistakes people make when they try to put out a fire is dousing it with water. The problem? Water can cause temperatures in your pit to overheat, which leads to cracks! To avoid this issue just let your flame burn itself out naturally—and don't worry; if there are any problems arising from its cleansing process then stop right away because putting things off will only result in more damage being done.

Deep Clean When Necessary

Fire pits are a fantastic way to enjoy warm, inviting fires during cold winter months. But they can also get quite dirty if you don't clean them often enough or cover them up when not in use - which is unfortunate because this means less space for cook-outs!

The good news? It doesn’t matter how many times per year someone likes using their fire pit: Six-month intervals will suffice as long as there's time spent ensuring it is well cared for hygiene standards stay high all around.

Florida Pavers & Pergolas - Your Custom Fire Pit Builder

Custom fire pits are a great investment for your home and they're a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family in the evenings. Custom-built fire pits can seem expensive, but Florida Pavers & Pergolas will ensure that you get an excellent product at a fantastic price! If you live near Central Florida, contact us today so that we can help you design and build a custom-built fire pit that will be the perfect addition to your home.

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