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View vs Privacy: Things to Consider When You Plan on Building a Deck or a Patio.

Welcome to the first installment of Florida Pavers & Pergolas: Things to Consider When You Plan on Building a Deck or Patio.

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Deck and Patio projects are extremely popular these days, but sometimes clients don't know what things to consider when deciding between the two. Luckily, Florida Pavers & Pergolas is here to help make that decision a bit easier. Today, we will be discussing the first thing to consider before planning or building a deck or patio for your home.

Right now, decks and patios have become even more popular due to COVID-19. As people are spending less time in public places and getting more enjoyment out of their own backyard by having people over and enjoying the privacy that a deck or a patio offers in their home. So without further ado, let's jump into consideration number one.

Consideration #1: View vs Privacy Consideration number one on our list is view versus privacy. This is all about your situation. Is your backyard very private where no one can see you or do you have neighbors right next door? It is important to decide which one of these you value more so that your initial design does not need to be revised while construction has already begun. Proper planning will save you time & money, that you can invest in other complementary features to really help take your newly renovated outdoor space to the next level.

Many of our clients just assume a deck or a patio is better based on some preconceived notion. But many times there are pros and cons and particulars of each project that make a deck or a patio, a better solution for our clients.

A deck offers a greater view, but it also makes you more viewable to your neighbors. Patios offer an easy option for creating privacy through landscaping or through other structural solutions, like pergolas. If you're in a situation where another foot or two off the ground offers you a greater view of your beautiful private backyard, you might really want to consider going in this direction. One of the main deciding factors to consider when deciding on view or privacy is the distance between you and your surrounding neighbors. If you live in a more rural area you might not be as worried about keeping your backyard private, because the closest house is a quarter-mile away. However, if you live in a densely populated suburban area, you might care a bit more about privacy.

If you have read through this whole article and still have more questions about deciding between a deck or a patio, give Florida Pavers & Pergolas a call. We are more than happy to help walk you through our creative design process.

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