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Why You Need a Pergola in Your Backyard Living Space in 2021

Finding the perfect type/design for a pergola in Orlando can be difficult. Therefore, it is important to know about pergola benefits before you make a decision. A pergola will provide shade for your outdoor living area and increase the curb appeal of your home. The pergola also provides an aesthetically pleasing focal point that can serve as the backdrop for many different activities such as dining or reading with friends and family.

There are many benefits to adding a pergola to your backyard living space, which we will discuss in more depth later on!

Interested in a Custom-Built Pergola?

If you live in the sunshine state, pergolas are a must-have for your backyard living space! Pergolas offer shade and protection from rain while also creating an enjoyable outdoor experience. With the wide range of options available nowadays, it is easy to find exactly what you need at a price that fits your budget.

Perks of Having a Pergola

Extend Your Outdoor Living Space Adding a pergola to your outdoor living space is the perfect way to extend and increase how much time you can spend outside. Pergolas also create sun-blocking shade that makes even warm afternoons bearable, so they are great for those temperamental Florida days when conditions change quickly.

A pergola can serve as a backdrop for many different activities such as dining or reading with friends and family. When you invest in building an outdoor living space, pergolas are the perfect addition to create even more character for your home's exterior. The pergola also provides an aesthetically pleasing focal point that can serve as the backdrop for many different activities such as dining or reading with friends and family.

Custom Design to Fit Any Layout

Are you interested in having your very own pergola at your house, but are worried there might not be a good spot for it? Don't fret! Our designers here at Florida Pavers & Pergolas are the best in the biz. With the multitude of styles and materials available these days, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Common materials for pergolas we design & install include: Pressure Treated Wood - Pressure-treated wood pergolas are often the least expensive option, and while they'll have a reasonable lifespan, pressure-treated lumber can warp over time. A good idea is to paint or stain your deck before assembling it so that you don't get splinters if there's any warping or cracking in the future. It also helps ensure that your board won’t deteriorate as quickly because of rot being prevented by primer and sealant from getting into cracks between joints on untreated boards.

Cedar Wood - With its naturally insect-resistant qualities and beautiful color, cedar is a popular choice for pergolas. In untreated form, it becomes soft silver in appearance which can easily be stained to preserve the original hue; when treated with either sealant or stain, you'll have an even more durable material that will serve your needs better than pressure-treated wood. Vinyl -Vinyl is certainly worth considering if you're looking for a pergola that requires very little maintenance. You cannot paint vinyl, so your color choices are limited to the ones provided by the manufacturer--but this also means they won't fade in direct sunlight!

Fiberglass - Fiberglass pergolas are the most expensive option, but they come with a lot of benefits. Fiberglass is very strong and can span larger distances than other materials without posts—in some cases up to 20 feet! This makes for an uncluttered look that’s perfect for outdoor spaces like decks or patios. And because fiberglass doesn't need as many deep footings compared to other material options, it's easier on your existing surface area too (as well as on budgets).

Become the Envy of Your Neighbors You don't have to worry about keeping up with the Jones if you are the Jones! The magic of pergolas really happens when the tools are packed up and it begins providing both form and function to your outdoor living space. Pergolas provide support for everything from chandeliers, ceiling fans (check with your landscape designer first!), small speakers, strings of lights, even fabric – you’re only limited by your imagination!

A pergola extends what is possible in a future design project on an affordable budget. If looking for ways to create an oasis outside that offers energy or tranquility (or both), then look no further than one built with this versatile tool at hand: A simple investment can result in beautiful ambiance without breaking the bank! If you or someone you know is looking to get a pergola, but isn’t sure where to start, or has a few questions they would like answered - please do not hesitate to give Florida Pavers & Pergolas a call today! We are the highest-rated pergola company in Central Florida. Turn Your Backyard into Your Own Personal Oasis


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